The Rise Of Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen – who would have thought about hearing such a name, a few years ago! The rapidly evolving technology has started yet another revolution or some would say disruption… the name of “Cloud Kitchen”. This concept is the most sought after option these days, due to its efficiency in garnering sales for the businesses and impeccable flexibility in food ordering for the customers.

Many first time investors are looking at this business option as a viable business opportunity and why not! The model offers a lot of advantages over the traditional brick and mortar restaurant establishments. Foremost, the total investment is almost 40-50% less than setting up a similar conventional food outlet not to mention the time taken to construct one. A base kitchen facility with a decent location and serviceability by e-comm players like Zomato, Swiggy and uber eats, attractively designed food packaging and off course food which is exceptional gets the job done.

Having said this, it is so so important to keep the following points in mind.

Consult with Professionals in the Hospitality Industry!

A lot of times in my experience, I really do get baffled with entrepreneurs wishing to save on this expense. It is really not about generating business for ourselves here at Advisure…It is really about being guided by experience hands which will most definitely save you unimaginable amount of money and prevent you making super costly mistakes which more than likely be fatal.

Menu development and menu engineering forms the very basis of your success in this segment. One bad customer experience – and you will make ample attempts to win their loyalty back. Hire a professional hospitality consulting firm to do this task for. Innovation on the menu front, capturing the customer expectations, maintaining costs and following standard recipes are so so vital in ensuring you run a successful business.

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Professional Food Photography and Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Now many people will wonder why do I need this. Well, a professionally shot food and beverage portfolio has the power to attract, convert and retain your target segment. Your food and beverage portfolio brightens your business prospects & enables you to stay ahead of the competition.The entire process of eating your eyes holds so true in this case. A dish more often than not which is well presented and packaged well will more than likely be appetizing and will taste good too. So, in essence, half the battle to win over your target segment – one who is spoilt for choice – is already won there. Having said that, customers loyalty is only applicable till the last meal that he/she ordered with you. One below par experience and you are a goner. You just need to stay ahead of the game, constantly innovate and experiment and keep providing the delightful experience consistently.
Another facet which holds equal importance is hiring a seasoned agency to manage your social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook etc. You may wonder – Why do I need this?. Trust us, you definitely do, especially if you want to maintain the recall value of your brand, keep your customers abreast with offers and promotions – basically stay connected with your end consumer. All I am going to say here is out of sight and out of mind…and you certainly don’t want that.

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E-Comm Tie-ups & Software

There are many food ordering services like Zomato. Swiggy and Uber Eats Swiggy, etc. These sites do the marketing and customer acquisition themselves, while they tie up with the partner eateries to serve the customer orders. They have a huge customer base as their sole work is to attract the customers by offering various incentives, impeccable customer support, etc. Partnering with these food ordering services can boost your cloud kitchen business immensely, as there is a huge customer base for you to serve the food. Before partnering with such services, you should take various factors into account, like the commission for these services, which ranges from 10 to 20%, your expenses in preparing and packing food, the retail price at which you are selling, and finally the margin you make. This is very important, because any set back in it can cause your business to fail

They have almost made it unviable to maintain your own delivery fleet due to high payouts. It is critical you maintain a good rapport with these companies, however, it is also worth noting that your fleet is your asset…solely being dependent on them will make you vulnerable and could cause disruptions to your delivery times. Do have a few dedicated drivers on your payroll.

Consider a good software like Limetray or Posist , which have the experience and bandwith in catering for this segment. In my mind, these companies have definitely done their research and built a product which is specific to this segment providing functionalities to effectively monitor your business expense heads and track consumer data and preferences. The biggest advantage they offer is integration with the interface of Zomato, Swiggy etc… to make the entire process so seamless. Highly recommended!!

Food packaging

Food Packaging is your first impression of your business. And it’s very true that first impression is the last impression. Out of the box packaging is the first storyteller of your brand even before the food is tasted. It helps in positioning of your brand in the minds of your customers. After the food preparation step, the food should be packed neatly and adeptly, so that it remains hot, aromas remain intact and the delivery person can recognize the items to be delivered to the respective customers easily. You have to adopt an eminent Food Packaging Design to serve this purpose. Like the packing boxes with transparent lids, spot on heat insulation, etc.

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